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Shaheen Jafargholi (HD) Michael Jackson Tribute

LATEST VIDEO: BGT MASH 2011 - Part 1. 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi singing "Who's Loving ...

Shaheen Jafargholi - Britain's Got Talent 2009 - Show 2

Britain's Got Talent: Shaheen is a singing sensation within his family, performing at birthdays and weddings, but Simon isn't ...

Shaheen Jafargholi - You (Prod by. Jay Jay Musika)

a taste of what I've been doing inside the studio this last year. all lyrics and melodies written by me. i hope u like it. more to come..

Casualty's Shaheen Jafargholi Performed at Michael Jackson's Funeral | Lorraine

Subscribe now for more! Casualty's Shaheen Jafargholi has had a varied career so far, from appearing on ...

Shaheen Jafargholi (HQ) Semi-final BGT 2009

Shaheen Jafargholi in his semi-final appearance on Britain's Got Talent 2009. Tuesday 26 May 2009.

Shaheen Jafargholi (HQ) FINAL BGT 2009

Shaheen Jafargholi in the final of Britain's Got Talent 2009. Saturday 30 May 2009.

Shaheen Jafargholi sings live at German TV

Shaheen appeared in a German charity TV show on Dec 12th 2009.

Simon Wants Another Song & It Blows Him Away | Britain's Got Talent | Kids Got Talent

Watch singer Shaheen Jafargholi on Britain's Got Talent 2009, as Simon Cowell wants to hear another song and it completely ...

Shaheen Jafargholi شاهين جعفر علي

Shaheen Jafargholi شاهين جعفر علي Britain's Got Talent Shaheen Jafargholi HQ "television show" awards interviews boyle ...

Shaheen Jafargholi - Heal the world 2011

Shaheen Jafargholi - Heal the world 2011 Original by Michael Jackson 1991 There's a place in your heart and I know that it is love ...

The Ellen DeGeneres show - Shaheen Jafargholi Singing Sensation

Shaheen Jafargholi Impressed millions when he performed on 'britains got talent'

Shaheen Jafargholi - Who's Loving You - Michael Jackson Memorial

Shaheen Jafargholi performs "Who's Loving You?" at Michael Jackson Memorial at the Staples Centre.

Shaheen Jafargholi: Who's Lovin' You - Britain's Got Talent 2009 - The Final

Britain's Got Talent 2009: Despite the false start during his audition, Shaheen has never failed to impress the judges with his ...

Shaheen Jafargholi: And I'm Telling You - Britain's Got Talent 2009 - Semi-Final 3

Britain's Got Talent 2009: Shaheen returns from his amazing audition to sing And I'm Telling You, in the hopes of being able to get ...

Shaheen - Star Sign

Shaheen drops by the ILUVLIVE HQ and performs this epic song.. 'Star Sign' Filmed by Ryan Samuda & Ross Lasme Edited by ...

Duet Shaheen Jafargholi and Maryah Carey!! I'll be There

Video made by: @marclidsSJ The Shaheen Brazil awaits you!

Shaheen Jafargholi - I'll be there at mobo awards 2009

Shaheen - I'll be there at mobo awards 2009 Well done Shaheen! It would be one of your step for being a world star!

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